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Can a Seller Cancel Their Real Estate Agreement?

Can a seller cancel their real estate agreement? As a result of the rising real estate market, sellers who signed agreements four months ago saw similar homes sell for more money. They then try to cancel their agreement and sell to someone else for more money. Can a seller do that? Here are the answers […]

Little Things Make a Big Difference In a Real Estate Agreement

Little things make a big difference in a real estate agreement Whenever a dispute arises in a real estate agreement, a judge will typically not be persuaded by what the buyer or seller thought or said. They usually ask one question: What does the agreement say? Therefore, it is essential that you are adequately protected […]

5 Things to Know When Closing At The End of The Month

5 Things to know when Closing at the end of the month As a result of the record-breaking sales this past Spring in the GTA, lawyers’ offices will be bustling at the end of June, July and August this year. As a result, it is more important than ever for buyers and sellers to be […]

7 Questions to Ask When Building a Backyard Deck

7 Questions to ask when building a backyard deck Now that summer has finally arrived, many homeowners may think about building a backyard deck by themselves. But, be careful; if it isn’t done correctly, you may run into problems later when you try and sell your home.  Here are seven questions to ask before building […]

5 Things to Remember When Doing a Renovation

5 Things to remember when doing a renovation If you are looking to begin home renovations, there are a few things you need to remember before hiring a general contractor. This is because you want to make sure the person you hire is someone you can trust and won’t cause you any headaches down the […]

What is a Power of Attorney – and Do I Need One?

What is a power of attorney and do I need one? A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document that allows you to appoint a person or organization to manage your property, financial, or medical affairs if you become unable to do so. Commonly, it is invoked when a person is incapacitated with illness […]

Do I Need a Lawyer to Incorporate My Business?

Do I need a lawyer to incorporate my business? A quick google search will show you tons of online companies that promise to help you incorporate your business at a reduced cost – but there’s a catch. In the two-step process of incorporation, these online businesses only help you with step one. You still need […]

The Canadian Housing Boom Has Become Concerning with Skyrocketing Prices

The Canadian Housing Boom Has Become Concerning Real estate prices have shot up through the roof (sorry). As the world underwent a public health crisis, Canada experienced unprecedented appreciation for house-owners, as well as unprecedented levels of unaffordability for homeowner-hopefuls.  Across Canada, the average house price has increased by a staggering 41.2%.  How did this […]

How Do I Inherit a House in Canada?

How do I inherit a house in Canada? Inherited property is given to you by another individual – typically a relative, usually a parent. This usually happens when they have passed away – which can make a stressful situation even worse as you navigate your way forward. This article will discuss your options and also […]

Canada to Tighten Mortgage Lending Laws

Canada to Tighten mortgage lending laws With Canadians taking on more than 2.5 trillion dollars in mortgage debt, the Bank of Canada has warned that this – as well as the red-hot housing market – may lead to devastating economic shocks.  In response to this, Canada has tightened mortgage lending laws. The rise in mortgage […]