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It’s Not Just the Down-payment: How to Avoid Hidden Home-Buying Costs

In this article, we discuss what are necessary and unnecessary home-buying costs in Toronto and the GTA: helping you make smart decisions with your money Do: Ensure you are shopping in the right location. Buying may seem out of reach – but that could be because you’re shopping in the wrong location. The average selling […]

How to Safely Navigate the Buying and Selling Process During COVID-19

The rules have changed: 6 things you need to know As Ontario emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown and life slowly returns to normal, tenant and landlord rights are dramatically affected. Real estate is a key topic, and everyone has questions – whether you are a tenant, landlord, prospective home buyer or home seller.  Here is […]

Buying A Home from a Builder: What Should You Know?

In Ontario, all builder condominium agreements pretty much look the same. In general, they are very one-sided, in favour of the builder.  Builders can: Delay closings Change the layout or finishings, and  Exercise the right to cancel agreements under certain circumstances This leaves Ontario buyers with a tremendous disadvantage, with little recourse. Legally, buyers of […]

My Condominium Amenities are Closed, So Why Should I Have to Pay Condo Fees?

One of the major perks of condominium life is the built-in amenities: the gym, the pool, the games room, theatre room, event space, library, a community garden… and condominium-owners pay for the privilege to use them.  But during COVID-19, with public health and safety regulations and restrictions, condominium-dwellers are unable to access their amenities, but […]

I’m a Student, Can I Cancel My Lease Because of Virtual School?

Can university/college student tenants get out of their leases before or during a virtual semester? With the rise of the Omicron variant, many Ontario universities and colleges are suddenly and rapidly switching to virtual platforms for the Winter 2022 semester. Several universities and colleges across Ontario have already announced plans to delay in-person learning, and […]

Landlords, Tenants and COVID-19: What You Need to Know

Landlords, Tenants and COVID-19: What You Need to Know By Mark Weisleder As the Province slowly comes out of lockdown, the rights of landlords and tenants are all affected as questions continue to arise about COVID-19. Continue to read on to learn the 6 things you need to know surrounding landlords and tenants post COVID-19.Here […]

Avoiding the Mortgage Refinancing Penalty

Avoiding the Mortgage Refinancing Penalty If you would like to refinance your mortgage without the penalty payment, RealEstateLawyers.ca has the answer. Three Months Interest The penalty is the equivalent of three months of interest on your current mortgage principal. This penalty can apply to both variable and fixed mortgages. How to calculate it:    [begin{bmatrix}frac{Mortgage,Principle*Original,Interest,Rate}{12}end{bmatrix}ast,3] […]

Be prepared for September 30, 2021

Be prepared for September 30th, 2021 Buyers and sellers have already started planning for September 30, 2021, with many real estate closings already scheduled across Ontario. Movers have already been retained. With the new Canadian National Day for Truth and Reconciliation being declared a holiday on September 30, starting this year in 2021, real estate […]

Can a Buyer Refuse to Pay a Deposit and Cancel a Real Estate Agreement?

Can a buyer refuse to pay a deposit and cancel a real estate agreement? There are some situations where a buyer has succeeded in a late-night bidding war and has had buyer’s remorse the following day. In many Ontario real estate agreements, the deposit is payable within 24 hours of acceptance. The buyer then decides […]