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…and we mean Ever. Here is a collection of the very best tips to buy your first house or condo the smart way.

Do the math: Are you financially ready?

Saving up for a house: it’s not just the down payment! There are other closing costs involved, including various legal and administrative fees, insurance costs, renovations to be made, new appliances and other items that need to be purchased. Be sure to budget and do not forget to have an emergency fund.

Take advantage of low interest rates...

Interest rates are lower than they have ever been in history. These low rates – which are as low as 1% – result from banks aggressively trying to keep their numbers up. However, these rates will not be able to remain stable throughout an entire mortgage sustainably. Buyers are rushing to buy properties to take advantage of these historically low rates while they can. Don’t miss out!

And take advantage of government funding

Government programs for first-time buyers are designed to help you save thousands of dollars, such as the First-Time Home Buyer’s Plan.

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Location: Know what you want and how much it costs

Do your research! You should thoroughly know the market(s) of the neighbourhood(s) you are interested in buying. Know the market rate of the type of house you are looking for and keep tabs on market trends and fluctuations.

It’s not just your realtor that matters...

While your Real Estate Agent will be the primary individual to help you secure the best property, you must also consider consulting a lawyer. A good Real Estate lawyer will translate the legalese for you; they will help you navigate the purchase agreement and help you avoid time-consuming and expensive legal issues in real estate transactions.

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