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Welcome to the law firm of Real Estate Lawyers.ca LLP

Welcome to the law firm of Real Estate Lawyers.ca LLP

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Welcome to the law firm of RealEstateLawyers.ca LLP
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Title Transfer / Deeded Properties

Deeded: “to convey or transfer by a signed instrument containing a legal transfer, bargain, or contract to convey or transfer by deed.” e.g. “They deeded their property to their children.”    (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

If you are looking to Deed/Transfer Title of your property for estate planning purposes, there are many factors to consider before completing such a transaction.  Such factors include but are not limited to:

  • Tax consequences – your accountant should also be consulted to evaluate probate fees vs capital gains tax.
  • Mortgage lender approval – your current mortgage lender may not approve of such transfer.
  • Estate consequences – there may be other beneficiaries that could be affected.


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