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5 Things for Real Estate Agents to Remember When Things Go Wrong

5 Things for Real Estate Agents to Remember When Things Go Wrong With a looming recession and the accompanying increase in economic volatility, real estate agents will begin to deal with an increase of deal-breaking on behalf of buyers in the market. The best way to ride out this time is to be prepared with […]

5 Things to Remember When Buying a New Home From a Builder

5 Things to Remember When Buying a New Home From a Builder By Mark Weisleder Most builder agreements look the same and are in general very one-sided in favour of the builder. Builders have the ability to delay closings, change the layout or finishings and hold the right to cancel agreements under certain circumstances, with […]

It’s Not Just the Down-payment: How to Avoid Hidden Home-Buying Costs

In this article, we discuss what are necessary and unnecessary home-buying costs in Toronto and the GTA: helping you make smart decisions with your money Do: Ensure you are shopping in the right location. Buying may seem out of reach – but that could be because you’re shopping in the wrong location. The average selling […]

How to Safely Navigate the Buying and Selling Process During COVID-19

The rules have changed: 6 things you need to know As Ontario emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown and life slowly returns to normal, tenant and landlord rights are dramatically affected. Real estate is a key topic, and everyone has questions – whether you are a tenant, landlord, prospective home buyer or home seller.  Here is […]

Buying A Home from a Builder: What Should You Know?

In Ontario, all builder condominium agreements pretty much look the same. In general, they are very one-sided, in favour of the builder.  Builders can: Delay closings Change the layout or finishings, and  Exercise the right to cancel agreements under certain circumstances This leaves Ontario buyers with a tremendous disadvantage, with little recourse. Legally, buyers of […]

My Condominium Amenities are Closed, So Why Should I Have to Pay Condo Fees?

One of the major perks of condominium life is the built-in amenities: the gym, the pool, the games room, theatre room, event space, library, a community garden… and condominium-owners pay for the privilege to use them.  But during COVID-19, with public health and safety regulations and restrictions, condominium-dwellers are unable to access their amenities, but […]

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