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The Canadian Housing Boom Has Become Concerning

Real estate prices have shot up through the roof (sorry).

As the world underwent a public health crisis, Canada experienced unprecedented appreciation for house-owners, as well as unprecedented levels of unaffordability for homeowner-hopefuls. 

Across Canada, the average house price has increased by a staggering 41.2%. 

How did this happen?

  • Low-interest rates, giving more people the confidence to take on longer mortgages
  • Increased ability to save income while staying at home
  • Demand for larger spaces as people were working from home

Canada’s largest cities – including Vancouver, Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa – are consistently featured in lists of the least affordable markets in the world. More than one-third of young Canadians between the ages of 18-40 feel that they simply cannot afford to buy a home, ever.


It is forecasted that this real estate supercharge won’t wear off for another two years – and even then, prices will not decrease; they will just accelerate slower. As immigration is also expected to increase post-pandemic, the influx of talent will create even more demand for housing. Many experts say that this is the future of Canadian real estate.


A new trend is being seen: “Drive until you qualify.” Indeed, Canadians are driving out of major cities until they can find a property they can comfortably afford – creating new regions where homeowner-hopefuls are squeezed out. But for those who are occupationally tethered to the major cities that boast the least affordable markets, even this may not be feasible.


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