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With summer just around the corner, we are all looking forward to BBQ season!

But before you find yourself dreaming of grilled steaks and juicy burgers, make sure you verify that you can barbecue on your condo balcony. 

If you find yourself asking, “Can I BBQ on my condo balcony?” this article is for you.

The short answer is: it depends on where you live.

First off, you want to check with your governmental rules and regulations. The Ontario Fire Code does not explicitly prohibit BBQ use in the condominium balcony. However, your municipal code may advise you differently. Be sure to check your municipal city code and your municipal fire code, where possible. It is important to note that rules vary regionally: at the time of writing,

appear to have no by-law prohibiting them. However, Guelph expressly prohibits BBQ use on the condo balcony. Check the laws according to your municipality.


However, even if your municipal code does not prohibit BBQ use on your condominium balcony, you should still verify with your Condominium Board, which may restrict BBQ use on the balcony regardless of municipal or regional laws. These are just a few of the reasons why this may be the case:


  • Many condominium balconies are simply not large enough for safe BBQ use
  • BBQ smoke may disturb neighbours and pose a safety hazard
  • BBQ smoke may trigger the fire alarm


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Your Condominium Board may, however, allow the following alternatives. Be sure to verify with them first if you can:


  • Use an electric BBQ 
  • Connect your BBQ to a dedicated gas supply 
  • Use the rooftop or another communal space to BBQ. 

Once you have the green light to BBQ on your condo balcony, be sure that your BBQ itself meets the safety guidelines, and update yourself on safe BBQ practices. Here is an excellent guide by the City of Toronto to get you started.

Enjoy your summer cookouts!

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